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Connecting issuers, intermediaries and investors digitally for more efficient, accurate and secure voting
Agents and trustees

A platforms that serves intermediaries such as trustees and agents in bondholder meetings or other happenings that needs facilitation

Investment Banks

A platform that helps investment banks gather and administrate votes in transactions


A platform administrating company spesific happenings such as general meetings, bondholder meetings etc.

Who are we

How it works


Put away pen and paper and sign into a lean and digital voting platform, gathering all the information in one place.

Less risk

Use electronic identification when voting on behalf of a company or as a private investor


Immediate feedback and confirmation, allows for real-time amendments when important decisions needs to be voted for 


No need for paper waste and unnecessary  shipping costs- this is a fully eco-friendly voting platform

How it works

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"Finally a digital solution"

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Tel: +47 47 65 30 56

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Oslo, Norway

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